P & S Paving

night plantP & S Paving, Inc. is an Asphalt Paving, Heavy Highway Contractor serving Volusia County and the surrounding area since 1993. With a bonding capacity of $50,000,000.00 per project and $125,000,000.00 aggregate, we can assure our customers that we have the ability to serve their needs of today and of the future.

With the installation of a 3 million dollar state-of-the-art hot mix asphalt facility, we have the capability of producing 3,000 tons of proven high quality asphalt concrete per shift.

Our paving equipment uses the latest technology in laser guided systems to ensure that the placement of the asphalt material exceeds specifications and our highly skilled and experienced personnel ensures a “smooth ride” as to a final product.

plant daylightWe pride ourselves in constructing a quality project in a safe manner. Our commitment to quality is based on:

  • Extraordinary people with a desire to do a good job
  • Knowledge & expectations of the industry
  • Experience in quality control
  • Ability to communicate and coordinate
  • Reputation and relationship building in the industry
  • Commitment to a safe work environment

P & S Paving believes that the success of any project is based upon quality management and the first step includes assembling a high quality team made up of individuals who understand the needs and desires of the paving industry.

Our team focuses on exceeding expectations by timely production of a high quality product meeting requirements with minimum disruption to the public.

We pride ourselves with our hands-on leadership style and our ability to produce the highest quality project on schedule and at or below budget.